Pack of 6 Confetti Latex Balloons - Gold

Pack of 6 Confetti Latex Balloons - Gold

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These Clear Balloons are packed full of beautiful shades of Gold Confetti and are sure to compliment any 1st Birthday or Princess themed party.

The pack includes 6 Clear Balloons with Gold Small Round Confetti.

These Balloons are Helium quality and will require helium filling if you require them to float otherwise if you wish to hang them or tie up, you can inflate with air.

Balloons are 12" when fully inflated and come with full instructions.

They offer a standard float time of 16-20 hours when Helium Filled.

Ribbons and weights can be purchased separately.

Please note, for safety reasons, when air filling a balloon a balloon pump should be used not your mouth. Clear Balloons will also appear cloudy  if you blow into them with your mouth.